Agency- Bridging The Gap

In a bid to broaden business opportunities to clients, Millbridge Resources acts as an agent in behalf of principals engaged in the steel and raw material industry. Over the years, the company has represented individuals and companies in the procurement and trade of products, appraisal of venture opportunities in mining, and assessment of asset conversions. The agency offshoot is the result of the company’s longstanding reputation as a seasoned expert in the steel business.

Millbridge Resources’ product portfolio includes a wide assortment of semi-finished products or intermediate castings, long and flat products from reinforcing bars to wire rods, and raw materials such as iron ore for metalwork and scrap metal for fabrication. Moreover, trading volume has been increasing every year. The company maintains solid relations with producers and consumers worldwide to get a good grasp of technology updates, market insight, and consumer information – above all, to assure quality products to consumers. The company has also made extensive efforts to improve logistics and deliver products in a cost-effective and timely manner. All of these have diversified the capabilities of Millbridge Resources which led to the development of the company as an agency to steel industry principals.